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The taste and quality of our food comes from a combination of the right animals, the best environments and relentless consistency. We know nothing on earth can create better taste than the earth itself.

Our Selection Criteria
The best tasting Steaks
The best tasting Steak
PRE Brands - Potatoes
PRE Brands - Shallots

Transparent packaging, transparent methods.

We’re focused on what’s best for your family, not just what’s best for shelf life. Our packaging does not use chemicals or gases to extend shelf life artificially. Instead, we vacuum seal the meat, pulling oxygen out and sealing freshness in. You can even lift up the vacuum sealed portion of our products to see 100% of the meat before you buy.

The best tasting Steaks
The best tasting Steak

True Taste Inspiration

Our beef is easy to enjoy right away or to freeze, thaw and prepare later. Need some fun ways to make PRE part of your weekly routine? Feast your eyes on these palate-pleasing recipes.


We trust in nature, and do our best to get out of its way.
We study everything from pastures to packaging
to bring you the most delicious beef in the world.

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