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The first thing you should know about us is that we don’t just like beef. We love, love, love it. Which is why we are totally, completely crazy about it. Obsessed with taste. Obsessed with quality. Obsessed with transparency. Obsessed with ethics, humanity and integrity.

We believe that, when chosen with integrity and care, food naturally tastes great. And that nature, not technology, should be responsible for what’s on our plates. Our proprietary PRE taste standard studies everything from pastures to packaging to bring you the best beef on the planet. We study every single step and examine every detail that contributes to bringing you beef exactly as it was always meant to be. 100% grass fed. This is our modern approach to old-fashioned methods. We call it True Taste.


Our packaging is vacuum-sealed for freshness. It even boasts a 360° transparent view so you never have to wonder and worry about the quality of your meat. At PRE, you always get the top cut.

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